Owning a Vinita Chaitanya designed home or customised space immediately catapults you into an exclusive zone. Her design firm Prism, going strong since 1988, brilliantly reflects her personal branding. Vinita's own homes and glamorous lifestyle give her an insider's edge into what ultimate luxury is all about.

Combined with a thorough mastery of her craft, she creates livable art. It is a collaboration of her clients' requirements with her artistic vision, into bespoke, sublime spaces. Her travels give her fresh inspiration and inventory. In her wanderings she collects beautiful, even whimsical objets d'art, from all over the world and finds them perfect homes. With Vinita, it is not a paradox to say that the further she journeys the closer she comes to her roots. Her belief in the art and heritage of India, drives her to promote and showcase it in her work.

Vinita describes her style as 'contemporary classic' – a euphoric blend of sumptuous silks, traditional paisleys, exquisite Indian artefacts and modern Western covetables. She delightfully layers different cultures and periods. This divine mixology is her USP. She shapes a seamless design experience that flows right up to the infinity pool.
Her work ethic goes beyond interior design to a unique vertical that defines her and separates her from the rest – her passionate involvement from concept through to delivery. This holistic vision starts from a bare shell to completing the home with not only furniture and fittings, but with a connoisseur's eye for art and accessories.

All that the stress free owner needs to do is walk in and attend his own housewarming party, which Vinita has even hosted on occasion! Over the years her clients have trusted and repeated her, for reinventing their current homes and styling new ones. Today, she may be the only top celebrity designer in the country to offer such personalised service.

A team of experts that include architects and structure and technical consultants – in all areas including HVAC and electricals – work alongside to ensure superlative quality. Prism prides itself on its unwavering commitment to timelines.

Vinita is a familiar face on the covers and inside the pages of magazines like Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, is prominent on design juries and events. A recognised influencer, her Instagram page is like stepping into her Mood board and together with her #VQ sessions, give her followers an insight into all aspects of design. She still finds time to give back, with talks to students and the running of a charity school in Coorg. Frenetic pace gives way to Slow Life, unsurprisingly, the name of her homestead. There’s no rush, but she’s got plans and plenty more to do!
C o p y r i g h t   ©  V i n i t a   C h a i t a n y a   2 0 2 0   |   c o n t a c t   u s
C o p y r i g h t   ©  V i n i t a   C h a i t a n y a   2 0 2 0   |   c o n t a c t   u s